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Planning and Riding the Most Important Waves of Life

"Life goals and focus, I've accomplished more in the last 6 months via GcrossSurf than the last 20 years on my own.  GtSurf works!"  


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"Coming into the program, my goals seemed overwhelming.  Greg helped me realize that I need to simplify them and put them into buckets in order to see them as achievable.  His ability to sort my goals and identifying key elements is essential for me"


"I'm especially grateful for GcrossSurf during this tumultuous 2020, as it's shown me that a greater purpose surrounds the choices we make and that only being accountable you can achieve your goals no matter how unlikely they may seem!"

-Nicholas C


"The accountability groups keep me on track and moving forward.  I'm not doing it on my own.  I have a team backing me up!


Surfing at Sunset

"Focus and follow-through are the first two words that come to mind.  We are all very busy in our lives, which is a blessing but also creates challenges.  GcrossSurf has helped me focus on the areas most important and then encourages follow-through to get things done.  This program is a real difference maker!"


Whether you have surfed a wave or not, your life is a lot like surfing.  You will have waves of a lifetime and wipeouts where you nearly drown.  Each day and wave can be different.  For most, your life and certain goals have been very hard or even impossible thus far to achieve.  On the flip side, maybe you're are feeling good and cocky.  If so, you haven't been crushed by a big wave yet.  Big wave or not, your heart tells you that you are missing something.  GcrossSurf teaches you how to plan and ride those waves of life.  More important, how to ride the waves you didn't see coming.   You start with the little waves and work your way up to big ones of your ultimate life goals...discovering and living your True Purpose.


Once you have your life surf plan and decide you want to go for it.  You'll continue working with your Pro GcrossSurfer Coach and a small group of like-minded life surfers to encourage you to go where you have never gone before.


You start with a personal life assessment.  Identifying what has and what has not worked in your life.  Next, you'll get clarity of where you should go.  If you dig, you'll be empowered with a life surf plan.  No obligation to move any further.  

Transformation Waves

You don't just jump into big wave riding of life...unless you want to get wrecked.  The GcrossSurf Plan will train you into desired steps forward in your life.  Wave by wave.

Personal Training &
Game Plan

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